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Research studies and publications abound regarding the importance of effective leadership on the success of an enterprise.  Employed strategically, executive assessment and coaching builds both the organization’s current leadership capability, as well as its leadership pipeline for the future.

  Becky Kantz Leadership Coach - Nashville, TN

Becky Kantz
Executive Leadership Coach


Paul Michelman in the Harvard Business Review notes that, “One-on-one interaction with an objective third party can provide a focus that other forms of organizational support simply cannot.”  (HBR, 2005)

The Leading Edge specializes in executive coaching, leadership assessment, and leadership development strategies, working with organizations of all sizes and across multiple industries, including healthcare, financial services, technology, manufacturing, academia and other non-profit entities.  The Leading Edge also provides leadership and career coaching for individual clients.

Coaching is not just something that affects a single career but can have dramatic effects on the success of the entire company.

~Monica McGrath of the Wharton School of Business

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Executive Assessment and Leadership Coaching Services

In simple terms, coaching is about enhancing performance and satisfaction—and not just for the leader. Effective coaching results in a powerful alignment between the leader’s actions, her/her influence on the actions of others, and the company’s business objectives. A company’s decision to invest in leadership coaching recognizes this alignment as critical to its success.

At its best, leadership coaching creates a workplace in which leaders are inspired, and know how to leverage their talents in ways that bring others into their vision.

An effective coach works in partnership with the leader to discover and implement unique solutions, accelerate learning, and build critical capabilities—always in the context of achieving business objectives more efficiently, effectivly and with positive impact.

~ Becky Kantz

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